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Susan Briggs


Individuals, Couples & Caregiver Therapist 

Registered Social Worker (MSW)

Hello, I’m Sue Briggs.  I’ve been a counsellor for many years and have always wanted to work privately.  Mostly, because I know how hard it can be to get a counsellor, and to get a counsellor you feel you can trust.  By working privately, I can provide a safe space in which to build a trusting relationship.  And you are able to decide what works or doesn’t work for you during our time together.  And this doesn’t have to take months to figure out.  Technology allows us to make contact quickly and you can ask the questions you want to determine if this is going to work for you.  And if it doesn’t, I can get you to where you need to go to try something else.

My background as a social worker has given me the insight to know that people are not the problems in their lives necessarily, but that it is a combination of things in their lives that can overwhelm them and have them feel like their world is falling apart.  I’ve been there and I can tell you, it’s not easy.  I have had many opportunities to accept help and support and to provide help and support and I know that having someone who can listen with care and advise as to what is happening (when you can’t see the big picture) has been central to healing.  My hope is to serve others, but most importantly, to make sure that no one suffers alone.

I live in Northwestern Ontario where I enjoy being close to nature. I am a mother of 2 adult children and a first-time grandmother to a little boy.  I have many passions, (as do most people with ADHD 😊), but really love being with my family and friends the most.

As a person who has supported many people over the years, I can guarantee the following:

  • Your feelings of safety are my priority.  

  • You cannot share if you do not feel safe.

  • I care about how you are doing and want to hear what you have to say.

  • I will listen deeply to your experiences and your concerns and will ensure I  understand what you are telling me by asking for your feedback.

  • I will provide feedback for you in the following forms:

    • Affirmation – you are worthy and deserve to be heard.

    • Understanding – I get where you are coming from and know what is important to you.

    • Review of options – what does best evidence tell us about how to help you heal yourself or the situation – maybe both.

    • Tools and strategies that might be useful for you as you move forward.

  • Finally, I will support you throughout your journey in a non-judgmental, trauma-informed and inclusive manner.


I recognize the oppressive forces that harm people and respect that not all people have the same advantages or experiences.  As a white woman of privilege, I work hard to be open to my own history and to always be aware of the oppressive tendencies that exist from my own story.

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