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Psychotherapy is an investment made by the client. You are investing your time, energy, and finances into improving your quality of life, relationships, processing your past experiences, and increasing your mental and emotional well-being overall. The return on your investment is lifelong and the insight, skills, tools, and healing you obtain through therapy continue to grow for years after you leave.

Cost for Psychotherapists (RP):

Our experienced Psychotherapists at Cambrian Counselling & Wellness charge $180.01 (HST included) per session. In the province of Ontario, RP's are required to charge HST for their services. The 13% HST is automatically added and integrated into the price you pay. RPs qualify as medical professionals by the CRA, so you can save your receipts for your annual tax return, as medical expenses in some provinces.  

Cost for Occupational Therapist (OT Reg. Ont)

Our experienced Occupational Therapists (OT) charge $159.30 per session. In Ontario OTs are required to charge HST for their services, however, the OTs in our Clinic are considered a "small supplier" by the CRA which means they are HST exempt, meaning their services have no additional taxes charged to you.

Cost for Registered Social Worker (RSW)

Our experienced Registered Social Service Workers (RSW) charge $159.30 per session. In Ontario RSWs are HST-exempt, meaning their services have no additional taxes charged.

Cost for Graduate Intern (RP-Q or MSW Student)

Please see our low-cost and sliding scale options below. Generally, our interns charge between $40 to $75Typically insurance/benefit plans cover psychotherapy provided by Graduate Interns when they are supervised by a fully qualified RP (such as Cierra Garrow, who supervises all students at the clinic).  


Work Desk

Rates and Coverage Options

Insurance / Benefits Coverage

Psychotherapy services are not currently covered by Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP). However many benefit plans offer coverage for psychotherapy services, but every plan is different.


Check with your insurance/benefits provider if they cover Registered Psychotherapists and/or Social Work and the amount they cover before you begin therapy. 

Your therapist will provide receipts that you submit to your provider for reimbursement.

We have recently upgraded our system to include direct billing for certain insurance providers! Book a free consult with our therapists to find out if you are eligible for direct billing!

Non-Insured Health Benefits 

The Non-Insured Health Benefit (NIHB) program provides covered (no cost to you) mental health counselling for eligible First Nations and Inuit.

If you already have coverage through insurance or a benefits provider we are required to use that amount first.


Every 12 months, an eligible client can receive up to 22 hours of counselling performed by an eligible provider. Additional hours in the same 12-month period may be provided on a case-by-case basis.

Cambrian Counselling & Wellness has approved NHIB providers who offer culturally competent and trauma-informed psychotherapy.

Low-Cost and Sliding Scale Options

We have graduate interns (Master of Social Work and Registered Psychotherapists - Qualifying) who are completing the final stages of their clinical education at Cambrian Counselling & Wellness. 

They offer a reduced rate and sliding scale options where you get two therapists for the cost of one!


They also offer greater flexibility for evening and weekend appointments with no waitlist. 

They receive:

  • Weekly clinical supervision 

  • Bi-weekly group supervision

  • Case consultation 

  • Support from a seasoned clinician 

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