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Family Therapy

Is your home filled with yelling, slamming doors, and power struggles?  In Family Therapy we seek to create feelings of trust, mutual respect and strong communication among family members. We can help you discuss issues, disclose feelings, restore connection, and promote resilience in your family relationships. We will support you in healing the wounds your family has endured.

You may be nervous, but starting family therapy may just save your family and change your life. Too many families start therapy too late. It’s completely normal to be nervous about starting family work. But losing your child's love and the pain of disconnection is way more costly than the temporary discomfort and fear associated with beginning family therapy.

Emotionally Focused Family Therapy (EFFT)

EFFT supports children in connecting with their parents/caregivers and being more authentic, honest, and vulnerable with them, and vice versa, which will ideally reconstruct negative cycles and create secure bonds over the long term. 

While every family is different, EFFT is ideally weekly or biweekly, with an average number of approximately 4 to 12 sessions lasting 1-2 hours.


  • EFFT is geared toward strengthening trust, safety, bonding, and accessibility in families.

  • EFT and EFFT have over 35 years of research support to efficiently help you bond and repair family ruptures.

  • Family sessions can be fast-paced and very effective in a limited time despite their complexities.

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