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Diversity, Inclusion and Equity

Our Commitment 

Therapists at Cambrian Counselling & Wellness (CCW) are committed to the diversity and inclusion of all people. We value diversity and inclusion and will strive to continually build on our understanding of and evidence-based practices that support persons with different challenges based on age, ancestry, disability, citizenship, gender expression, gender identity, marital status, relationship status or type, religion, sexual orientation, skin colour, or spirituality. 

CCW is committed to addressing the equity, diversity, and inclusion issues present in the counselling profession through continued education, social action and awareness. We have a unique opportunity as Social Workers and Psychotherapists to impact our clients and communities through acknowledgment and actively addressing systemic racism and dismantling oppressive practices experienced by our marginalized clients. 

Our therapists bring their full humanity to the therapy room. We are committed to fostering and nourishing a space in which our clients feel safe to also show up as their authentic selves in our therapy sessions.

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