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Cierra Garrow

Clinic Director & Registered Psychotherapist

Do you have thoughts like ‘My child’s behavior is out of control!’, ‘I love them so much, but I feel like I’m at the end of my rope’, or ‘Why won’t my child just listen, they’re embarrassing me!’. Maybe you find yourself losing your temper and getting angry at your child more often. This might make you feel ashamed, and you may begin blaming yourself and feeling judged by teachers, family members, other parents, your partner(s). You feel confused and like you have tried everything from books to webinars, to doctors and other types of therapy but nothing seems to have helped.

I’m here to support you at your own pace while creating a comfortable, confidential, collaborative, safe and non-judgmental environment for you. My work is grounded in compassion, curiosity, and connection. I draw from attachment and systems theory and often incorporate somatic, solution-focused, and emotionally focused therapy practices into treatment.

My passion is working with couples, children, and families to support them in bolstering their strengths, exploring shared goals, finding common values, and learning strategies to effectively validate one another’s emotions.

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