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The Clinic Story
Why Cambrian?

The Canadian Shield is sometimes called the Precambrian Shield, a geographical formation that expands across Ontario, Canada (the area this clinic serves).


The North American craton is the bedrock forming the heart of the North American continent and the Canadian Shield is the largest exposed part of the craton's bedrock. 

What this all means in the context of Cambrian Counselling and Wellness (CCW) is that we believe relationships are the bedrock and the heart of a meaningful and fulfilled life. We need other people, and other people need us. We are hardwired to be connected to other people, we are not meant to suffer alone.


Anyone can benefit from therapy, and you do not need to be in a debilitating or acute crisis to get the support you need to be healthy. Many clients come to therapy for pre-marital counselling, following a change or transition, or to have a safe place to process their experience in a nonjudgmental and unbiased environment. 


At CCW we look at your whole context, your relationship with yourself, your family, your friends, your work, and your entire world. We sit with you, immerse ourselves in your world and witness your experience. We feel with you. We join you. You are not alone.

In therapy, the number one correlation between successful therapy outcomes is the therapeutic rapport between the client (individual, couple, family, relationship) and the therapist. At CCW we take this to heart. We take our relationship with you seriously and provide it the respect and compassion it deserves. 

I hope you provide us with the honour of joining you on your journey, and even if we are not the right fit for you we would love to help support you in navigating the landscape of mental health to find a clinician that feels like coming home. 

Couple hiking
Mother and Daughter Love

We are a heart-led, relationship-focused group of clinicians who believe in the power of connection.

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