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Cambrian Counselling and Wellness specialize in relationships, whether they are romantic relationships, familial relationships, or the relationship with yourself. We use evidence-based therapy approaches that are the gold standard for psychotherapy.

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Family at home

Navigating this world is hard and we are not meant to do it alone. Our specialized and experienced clinicians can support you on this journey so that we walk alongside you through the trenches of life. Whether it is becoming a parent, leaving a relationship, losing a pregnancyretiring, or starting a new job we are ready to weather the winds of change with you.

Our partner(s) are everything, they are our safe haven, a soft spot to land when we fall, they are nourishing and meaningful but they also can bring forward conflict, resentment, misunderstanding, dysfunctional patterns and stress. Let us support you in strengthening your relationship, bolstering your communication, bringing fun and playback, and rediscovering your partner(s) again.

Is your home filled with yelling, slamming doors, and power struggles?  In Family Therapy we seek to create feelings of trust, mutual respect and strong communication among family members. We can help you discuss issues, disclose feelings, restore connection, and promote resilience in your family relationships. We will support you in healing the wounds your family has endured.

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Diversity Students

We provide family caregiver support for family members navigating new/ existing health diagnoses of a loved one. We understand how hard this can be, and how the shift in roles and family dynamics can cause tension and distress between family members. 

Equine Assisted Psychotherapy includes a combination of activities with horses as well as talking about what those experiences mean to you. Horses are sentient beings, and are interested in relationships, provide feedback, and present opportunities to learn about yourself. Sometimes these activities are restricted to “on the ground” and sometimes include riding.

Relationships, identity, self-regulation, emotional literacy, and independence are all issues that can come up for children and youth. We are here to walk alongside you through all the twists and turns that school, peers, family, and life have to throw at you. We often incorporate games, physical activity, and tangible coping skills to support you in achieving your goals. 

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Our team is a diverse group of clinicians based in Ontario who are Registered Psychotherapists, Registered Psychotherapists (Qualifying), Registered Social Workers (RSW, MSW), and Registered Occupational Therapists. Please see below and click on each person's picture to learn more about our team and visit our Team Page for detailed portfolios of each clinician's niche and clinical orientation. 

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